We (I) had a lot of anxiety related to bringing my dad home to live with us.  Although we were determined to care for him and make him as comfortable as possible, we certainly were not prepared for that first week.  As if choosing the right agency wasn’t hard enough we now had to choose a CNA to be in our home 12 hours a day while we were gone at work.  To say this was a huge adjustment for us is an understatement.


My dad, doctors, nurses, aides, food prep, medications and all the supplies that are involved were quite overwhelming.


Enter Comfort.  Immediately my wife (Kie) and I were relieved.  Then impressed.  Then so very thankful that she has entered our lives.  My dad has also grown very attached to his new friend that he depends on so dearly.  With all this new responsibility and care required, just being able to trust that he is getting the best care imaginable is a tremendous relief.  It has allowed us to go to work and assume some sense of normalcy.  Albeit a new normal.


We were at a point in our lives that we needed help.  And a lot of it.  We got that plus with Comfort.  We trust her implicitly and cannot imagine our lives without her.  She is genuinely caring and has consistently exceeded our expectations.

And every night before he falls asleep, my dad tells me “Mitchell, God bless you and Kie and Comfort”

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