High doses of statins may impact bone health, mouse study finds

  • A new study examined the effects that higher doses of statins, drugs that can lower cholesterol, have on the body in terms of bone health.
  • The researchers used mice in the study who were fed on a high fat diet and obese, and the female mice had their ovaries removed to simulate adults who take statins. Half the mice were given high dose of simvastatin for 5.5 months.
  • The results of this study on mice showed that high doses of statins might weaken the microstructure of bones.
  • A linked cohort study in humans showed that the subgroup of people on high dose simvastatin had an increased risk of osteoporosis. In addition, the cohort, irrespective of dose, had a reduced risk of osteoporosis in men and a small increase in wome

By Erika Watts on December 22, 2022

Fact checked by Hilary Guite, FFPH, MRCGP

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